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Welcome to the Nebraska Llama & Alpaca Association! 

We are a dynamic group of camelid owners and enthusiasts. We have been bringing together camelid owners for more than 25 years! Our membership encompasses youth to adult members with a variety of camelid knowledge and experience.

Check out what our members think!

Jane W.


Through the NLA, I have met a lot of great people and made awesome friends. The NLA is a great resource for us.

Ranee F.


I joined back in 2005 and I was hoping to meet other llama people that like to drive there llamas. At first I was the only one now there are more llama cart drivers. I have meet wonderful friends and like how everyone will help you out when you need it and the wonderful kids in this group.


Catherine S.

NLA has been a great family oriented group for us to be a part of. There are so many fun activities to be a part of and great people to get to know!


Suzy H.


We joined the NLA with the purpose of learning more about our llamas and alpacas. The relationships we have developed and the chances to interact with this group at various events has far outweighed the benefits more than we could have ever imagined.

Holly J.

We joined the NLA to gain more knowledge about raising llamas and alpacas. We continue to be NLA members because of the wonderful people we have met and become friends with in the NLA.


Robin B.

Diversity... is why we continue to be NLA members. NLA is composed of a group of outstanding young ones and their 4H sponsors, many adult llama/alpaca owners who excel in the show ring and eagerly share their expertise, it also includes members who just enjoy their pets and finally farms, like ours, that use the NLA for networking, marketing and helping others to understand the business aspect of llama and alpaca ownership.

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